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8 Week Hypertrophy Training Phase
8 Week Hypertrophy Training Phase
12 Week Project Physique

You are probably purchasing this eBook guide for one of three reasons.

  1. You’re fed-up from not knowing what to do
  2. You think fat-loss needs to be super restrictive
  3. You’re in a rut

This program consists of 12 weeks of your dedication, the way this program is designed you will be able to go back to the start of the program and repeat it again.

It will show you how to get in shape through an easier approach and less complicated, also there will be times when it is intense all the workouts will complement each phase.

You will receive two eBooks, nutrition eBook on how to set up your diet for calorie and macronutrient intake, training eBook with your 12-week training program, along with monthly schedules, all planned out for you.

Project Physique is built on all the latest research & evidence based, this guide is a fat-loss program it’s not designed for education it’s designed for execution.

Like I said, this is a fat-loss program, so the main goal is to reduce body-fat maintain or increase strength as much as possible, you will gain some muscle but maybe not huge amount, as what you would in a calorie surplus, let’s get that straight but if you are willing to step up you will produce result’s.

We have produced some awesome results from all of the evidenced based in this eBook, if you are still not sure have a look at our male transformation pictures in the transformation part of website.

12 Week Project Physique

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