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This transformation is still in the process, currently sitting at week 1 and week 16

Well just had my final weigh in and measurements on my 8 week diet coach with Nicola Simpson Transformation PT final pics #nofilters,12lb lost and 9.5 inches gone FOREVER#!! A let myself get back into bad habits and she defo kicked me back into shape and of course the support of the girls was great if there’s 1 thing a learned you can’t outrain a bad diet  this is defo not the end just the beginning of a new journey  for any one wanting to do it you defo won’t be disappointed  thanks for everything Nic 

Zara is now 10 weeks into her Transformation journey….her shape is changing weekly, she is getting stronger & her confidence is sky high 

Ok here goes…. after peer pressure (support ) to post my pics- here it is! In the words of my awesome coach Nicola Simpson Transformation PT“If I can inspire just one person”

my goal was toning and turning body fat into muscle. I would highly recommend diet coach 8 if you are feeling your workouts are just not enough and want results you are willing to work for.
The support from Nicola and my group of girls has been phenomenal. We have worked our butts of and are buzzing with our results.

So I am nearly at the end of the 8 weeks diet coach !  Can’t thank my coach Nicola Simpson Transformation PT enough ! Nicola’s own photos inspired me to give it a go, the inspirational drive and enthusiasm from her has got me to where I am today! So here’s my before and after pics!

  I  decided to give diet coach 8 a go and i have loved every minute of it. My fitness still has a bit to go but its getting there and i’m enjoying it again. I have an extremely busy timetable (cheerleading coach, junior drama leader, voluntary work for badminton Scotland and Scottish rugby and a whole host of other things) At work i predominantly sit which doesn’t help. I needed a programme that was flexible but had guidance and someone looking over me. Mark was patient and great for moral. He has provided the support i needed to get back into fitness again. I can’t thank him enough. Hopefully now i have a better foundation and knowledge i can keep improving and stay motivated. 

Been attending Nicola’s classes since the start of the year and worked with her at some personal training sessions.

Winner of the first Diet_Coach8 Facebook competition

The diet_coach8 helped me get back at training and helped me get my motivation back.


I started my journey alone. I did what I thought was right, cut my calorie intake right back along with moderate exercise. This only got me so far then my body stopped giving me results. I even put weigh back on!! One night the end of April I was scrolling through Facebook, came across diet coach 8. I wondered what’s this all about, mailed them. Only to find out it was Mark from TPT. From then on I’ve never looked back. Each week I’ve always produced a result, constantly “chipping away” as Mark would say! Can’t wait for the next phase 

Signed up for the DietCoach 8 group after becoming stuck in a rut and falling back into some old habits which resulted in gaining a few pounds! This was just what I needed to get back on track and the results speak for themselves! The DietCoach app is easy to use with customised workout plans and videos with all the information you need to succeed!! Despite being a busy mum and staff nurse who works shifts I have been amazed at the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone – if I can do it anyone can!

Diet coach 8 allowed me, not only, to reach my physical weight loss goals but also to become a more confident and knowledgeable person when it comes to diet, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. I never once felt like I was on a restricted diet and with the constant encouragement from both Mark and the others on the program I really enjoyed the whole process. So glad I gave this a go and can’t recommend it to others enough.

Where do I start? This program has helped me get leaner, stronger and fitter. “So, what?” I hear you say. Yip it’s helped massively with the physical side of me but most of all it has help me so much to begin to believe in what I can achieve! I have had a heavy couple of years and I found myself heading down the road of not caring. In the past, few weeks the doors have opened and I CAN set goals and hit them!!

January, I decided to set myself a goal and really take training serious this year. I work in the hotel and restaurant trade, so some weeks I don’t have time to train but with mark’s guidance we were still able to produce the results needed thanks Mark

The first photo was taken at Culzean Castle exactly 6 years ago today …..had just signed up for my first session with Mark after years of feeling fat, low in confidence and thinking that I would never get my ” pre- baby” body back Six years later I have never felt better and it is thanks to Mark who has helped me make positive changes towards a healthier and happier life Changing your lifestyle and habits can be hard but so worth it in the end and I would recommend anyone looking for some motivation and inspiration to speak to Mark and take the first step…

I worked with TPT for approx. 16 weeks as I was getting married, my goal was to try and put on some size on, as you can see I was lean, I wanted to look good in my wedding photos

My goal was to put on some lean muscle and build a physique that I was willing to work hard for, I am over the moon with my results, it wasn’t easy but my coach kept me motivated thanks Mark

A holiday abroad was what made me book some 1 to 1 personal training sessions with Mark. I am over the moon with my results and this is the fitness I have ever been in my life thanks Mark

Needed some guidance from Mark so I booked in for some 1 to 1 personal training sessions, happy with the results we produced in a short space of time between 11-12 weeks, somewhere in that time frame thanks Mark

I decided to sign myself up for the diet_coach 8 online training program, because of my busy schedule I needed a training program that I could complete anywhere and a nutrition setup that I could stick to, I am really pleased with my results thanks again Mark

Best decision of my life walking through the doors of TPT, excellent personal training and a good choice of group classes too. Thanks to both Mark and Nicola for the training, support and encouragement they give me every week and I can’t forget the rest of the TPT family that I’ve met along the way.


Decided to sign myself up for the online diet_coach8 program, as a gift from my husband for Christmas, I loved it that much I decided to do 2 rounds a total of 16 weeks, I am over the moon with my results and I have learned so much thanks again Mark

Hi, I signed up for the diet_coach8 online training program. My goal was to tone up and drop some body-fat, I am really pleased with my results thanks Mark

As somebody thats quite petit, I wanted to get myself more toned and drop some weight, I didn’t have lots to lose really pleased with my results thank you Mark

As somebody that’s quite petit, I wanted to get myself more toned and drop some weight, I didn’t have lots to lose really pleased with my results thank you Mark

My goal was to get myself in shape through online coaching with Mark, he told me what to do and I done it. I have learned so much from Mark, that I am now training on my own because of the amount of knowledge I have learned thanks Mark

I decided to sign up for the diet_coach8 online program and I obsoletely loved it, you could complete the workouts at home or in the gym and the best thing was no foods where of limit …. fantastic cheers Mark

It’s handy when your brother is a personal trainer 🙂 as a night shift worker it was more difficult for myself to get to the gym. I decided to sign myself up for the online 8-week program, really pleased with the kick start cheers bro

I have loved every minute of the diet_coach8, the knowledge i have gained is unbelievable, who would of thought eating so much food would get you in the best shape of your life. Also the amount of confidence Mark has installed in me, will help me the rest of my training days to believe in myself  thanks again mark

The diet_coach8 helped me get in shape for a family members wedding, the stuff that I have learned will help me in the future to keep myself in shape cheers Mark


After trying every fad diet and quick fix out, I had given up. I was not happy with how I felt. So I reached out to Mark and signed up for the Diet Coach 8 week program. I’m not going to lie and say it was easy, but it has been the best choice I have made in a long time. An investment in myself. Mark has been a tower of strength. He set out a straight forward plan, made me accountable, and motivated me. Thank you so much Mark, this is just the beginning for me.
Thousand miles starts with one step this is what my journey looks like 🙂
Started with Mark doing the diet_coach8 online program, as I work away from home. The results that I have produced I’m over the moon with I am now moving on to do another phase with Mark to increase My lean tissue….Cheers Mark

Signed up to the diet_coach8 program and I haven’t looked back, really pleased with with I have achieved in the 8 weeks…….If you were like me stuck in a rut then get in contact with Mark thank you Mark

My wife purchased some PT sessions with Mark as a birthday present, It’s probably the best thing I could have ever done, after coming out of the motor trade, I have now went out and done my WABBA PT training which is also  through Mark and I’m now setup as a PT and training my own clients what a journey cheers Mark