Recently we’ve been getting asked a lot


What is the Diet_Coach8 Body Transformation Program?


Here’s how we’ve been telling the people who we are and what we do

We take ordinary people. People just like us, who have real life stresses, jobs and maybe even children? Who enjoy a few drinks at the weekend and maybe a meal out?

Then we work with them on how they can still prioritise their health, look and feel better, without living a restrictive life.


We are in an age of information overload and it’s going to continue to get worse, as a result people just don’t know what information is going to help them.


How would you fancy if there was somebody who could save you the time and headache by cutting through the bullshit and telling you what you really need to know?


We take people who are tired, run down, stressed and teach them how to get back on track through health and fitness.

We teach them about nutrition and what matters.

We teach them how to enjoy fitness again, because fitness, is more than sets and reps.


The program only lasts for 8 weeks, we are that confident we can have you standing on your own two feet after the 8 weeks and be in a better position than what you were when you started.


This isn’t an ordinary transformation program, we are actually trying to teach you how to get in shape and the first 8 weeks is us proving to you that you can do it, with our support along the way.



Then you have this knowledge the rest of your training days.