Transformation P.T



Recently we've been getting asked a lot   What is the Diet_Coach8 Body Transformation Program?   Here's how we've been telling the people who we are and what we do We take ordinary people. People just like us, who have real life stresses, jobs and maybe even children? Who enjoy a few drinks at the weekend and maybe a meal out? Then we work with them on how they can still prioritise their health, look and feel better, without living a restrictive life.   We are in an age of information overload and it’s going to continue to get worse,

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80/20 Rule

For any of our clients that work with us, we make it a big focus at the beginning to workout, what we can add into their diets instead of removing. There is no doubt at the beginning there is a feeling of worry from any client because the picture on the left is how they see a fat loss diet. Once that get over this they soon start to realize that they can et healthy, achieve their goals eat some magnum and get in awesome shape. The most important part, you get them to realize they can see themselves doing

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Think about adding and not removing

Think about adding and not removing   Every week I’m always telling somebody to add something into their diet and never the words you should remove that from their diet. What happens when you keeping adding into your diet, something will get dropped. Don’t think about foods you’re not allowed to eat every day and focus on the foods that you can eat every day and add a massive variety into your eating regime If we know that having a restriction mind-set only leads to binge eating episodes, doesn’t it make sense to stop repeating that behaviour. Instead of thinking, “I

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